Top Strategies for Proper Medication Management

In this fast-forward age, many of us suffer from this sickness, that is, we remember the things that we wish to forget and we forget the things that we ought to remember. This happens with the patients too.

To some of us here, it’s a headache to remember our daily dosages and keep track of the medications as prescribed by the doctors.

To ease you from this difficulty, here we will walk you through some strategies that you can try out for regularly maintaining your medications without any assistance.

Start practicing these strategies in your medication journey.

Effective Strategies that Will Bring Awesome Results

Take Only Prescribed Medications

When you’re discharged from the hospital, it’s important to take up medicines exactly as prescribed. Otherwise, it might lead to allergies, memory loss, side effects, and many severe complications.

Also, avoid self-medication. The pharmacy director at Intermountain Alta View Hospital says, “Self-medication can put your health at risk.”

Medication Management Strategy (Avoid self-medication) - DifferentApproachTherapy

Some of the don’ts you need to swipe away in order to maintain ideal medication management.

  • Don’t skip doses
  • Don’t increase dose frequency
  • Don’t stop taking the medication without talking to your healthcare provider

It could be tempting to reduce or stop taking medicines when you start to feel better. On the other hand, it could be tempting to increase dose frequency when you’re in severe pain, but make sure to discuss any changes with your medical rep. Medication can’t work unless it’s taken properly.

Keep Track of Your Medications

Keeping a list of all medicines that you’re taking on a regular basis and the prescribed timings can be a huge help in medication management especially when you’re feeling drowsy or you’re extremely ill.

Moreover, you will feel memory impairments while intaking some types of drugs. So it’s good to keep a record of the timings about your medicines and how much you took. This is especially important if you’re prescribed multiple medications.

Medication Management Strategy (Keep Tracking) - DifferentApproachTherapy

Setting an alarm on your phone can be a safe medication management tool to remind you to take your medication at the right time.

One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re taking your medication at the right times is to place a sticky note on your mirror, kitchen cupboard, or steering wheel to remind yourself to take your meds.

If you’re in chaos not knowing whether you’ve already taken your pills or not yet, then be on the safer end and maintain a calendar in a convenient location and mark the days off in a brightly colored marker each time you take your pills.

Store the Drugs in the Right Place

Just as your medication takes care of you, it’s important to take care of your drugs. Always store your medicines in the original packaging and know how to store them properly.

Medication Management Strategy (Storing in Right Place) - DifferentApproachTherapy

Many medications have storage instructions. While most simply want to sit at a dry, cool temperature, some drugs need to be refrigerated. Your bathroom, which heats up and becomes humid when you shower or bathe, isn’t really the best place to keep your drugs cool.

Invest in a Pillbox or Dispenser

Pillboxes are an excellent way to both keep your drugs organized and also remind you of when it may be time to refill the drugs as per prescriptions.

Usually, these boxes are marked daily like M for Monday, T for Tuesday, etc., and have seven compartments for seven days a week or 30 to 31 compartments to cover an entire month.

Medication Management Strategy (Pillbox) - DifferentApproachTherapy

Pillboxes come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. If you take different doses of medication in the morning and night, you can designate a box for each time like a dark-colored one for night and a light-colored one for day.

Make sure that you’re filling your boxes correctly, keep a chart that details your daily medication schedule, and carefully consult this chart when you fill the boxes each week.

Likewise, you can invest in an automatic dispenser, which can be programmed to dispense your drugs at a set time every day. Some will even ping you or your caretaker if meds were missed that day. These boxes vary in price and functionality but are worth the investment.

Over To You

While prescribed medications are the most essential, at times they keep you frustrated with the daily routines that are difficult to keep track of.

If you consume multiple drugs each day, developing and utilizing a good medication management plan is an imperative step in ensuring that you stay healthy and stress-free for years to come.

Because medications can interact badly with one another, creating a medication management plan does more than just help you stay organized.

If you find any challenges in organizing your medications properly, then you can take assistance from our medication management experts at Different Approach Therapy.

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