Top Psychotherapy Services in New York

Today, right from a 5-year old child to a 50-year old adult, everybody suffers from one or more depressions. Age has become just a number for depression & anxieties.

Joe, an 8-year old boy is depressed as none of his classmates plays with him in school. When he is at the age of 18, scoring good grades in the exams is his biggest depression. In between 18 and 28, he worries about choosing a career & life partner.

At the age of 38, earning money, growing kids, debts, family problems bothers him a lot. At 48, he feels anxious about maintaining sound health. Losing his loved ones will affect him the most, especially in his old age, after the age of 58 and plus.

So probably, this is how everybody travels with mental illness and disorders. If you want to be an exception for this, then stretching out your hands to psychologists might work. However, finding the right therapist who can ease you from anxieties seems to be a challenge.

Statistics from Zippia reports that psychotherapists are most in-demand in New York city. Hence, we decided to write a blog post with a list of trustworthy psychologists whom you can count on when required. We’ve added their website links, do check it out.

Wrapping Up Our Psychotherapy Services in New York

Did you know?

American Psychological Association created a poll. 1,800 psychologists responded to it, among which,

  • 74% said they were seeing more patients with anxiety disorders compared with before the pandemic
  • 60% said they were seeing more patients with depressive disorders
  • 30% said they were seeing more patients overall

Do you feel like family problems, financial burdens, loved ones’ death, health issues, and others keep on burdening you? No worries, do reach our friendly psychologists at Different Approach Therapy. As we’re specialized in various psychotherapy fields, we do approach you with personalized rehabilitation approaches.

We do assess you and find your difficulties, then press on toward medication. All you have to do is, give us a call 917-688-2446. Also, we do offer online consultation services. We are also experts at psychotherapy services, telepsychiatry services, couples therapy as well as LGBT Affirming. You can approach us for any of these services.