Top Couples Therapy Techniques

Do thoughts keep crowding in your hearts? Like these – it all started good, but as days passed by, everything has overturned.

Happy talks escalate into heated arguments…Laughter turns up into groaning…Bonding into a relationship split. On the whole, this film had a romantic start, but now it looks like the ending might be a tragic drama.

Is this sounding similar to your love story? Do these perpetual conflicts hurt you? Don’t mind. In this blog, we’ve put together a few wonder-working couples therapy techniques that therapists suggest. This will recognize and encounter conflicts that cause an unhealthy bonding.

Kudos to your courage in opting for couples therapy!

Why Should You Look Toward Couples Therapy?

You might have seen these rose plants by the wayside. It has both petals and thorns. Infact, only when these thorns prick the petals, the sweet fragrance will be let out. In the same way, when thorns like small problems arise, you need not worry, there will always be a reunion

And that love after a conflict is so special and will tighten your bonding. Before jumping into the techniques, take a look at the bundle of perks couples therapy techniques.

  • You’ll have ears to keenly listen to your problems
  • Help you remember the moments you were together
  • Better understand from your partner’s perspective
  • Learn coping mechanisms
  • Regain the trust that was lost due to fidelity, doubts, and others.

Effective Couples Therapy Techniques

Basically, there is a stigma attached like only those that are weak go in for therapies, but when it comes to couple therapy, it’s something different.

In a study that involved 1000 couples, 49% accepted that they had attended some form of couple counseling.

It’s normal that we are all fatigued due to financial crises, health problems, pandemics, workspace issues. Over a point of time, everything will be waiting to burst.

And intentionally or unknowingly, you might show your multi-faces to your partner. On top of it, misunderstandings, doubts, egos, etc., also become accountable for the relationship breakages.

You can just like that counter-attack all these with effective couple therapy techniques. Here, we’ve rounded up a few effective couples’ therapy techniques that dispose any impediment blocking your journey.

1. Gottman Method for Couples

Gottman method for couples is an amazing therapeutic technique in which the therapists would assess your relationship. Based on the results obtained with thorough research, your counselors will make interventions by integrating the sound relationship house theory.

Couples Therapy Techniques (Gottman Method for Couples) - DifferentApproachTherapy

This method mainly aims at,

  • Withdrawing conflicts caused by verbal miscommunications
  • Ramping up the intimacy, affection, and respect between you both
  • Removing the barriers in the way that stagnate the flow of love
  • Maximizing the possibilities to understand other’s emotions & feelings
  • Heightening the understanding within the context of the relationship

The sound relationship house theory specified in this method comprises nine different approach

  1. Build love maps
  2. Share fondness and admiration
  3. Turn towards instead of away
  4. The positive perspective
  5. Manage conflict
  6. Make life dreams come true
  7. Create shared meaning
  8. Trust
  9. Commitment

2. Reflective Listening Couples Therapy

Listening—When you build this key quality, you can rest assured that you can easily win your partner’s heart. Nowadays, lack of listening seems to be the root factor for disagreements, conflicts, and arguments.

Couples Therapy Techniques (Reflective Listening Couples Therapy) - DifferentApproachTherapy

Are you a person who has no patience to give ears to not somebody else, but your partner? Then, just practice reflective listening, and ultimately, you’ll gain the patience to listen and wait for your turn.

  • Take heed to understand what your partner is saying
  • Repeat what you’ve heard to impress your partner that you’ve been listening to so far

Reflective listening is a crucial couple therapy strategy you can count, in order to genuinely listen to your partner, show empathy, and build a rapport, instead of merely placing your perspectives.

3. Couples Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

In short, Emotionally Focused Therapy(EFT) for couples is nothing but recalling certain moments that parted you both to help understand your perspectives and emotions in mutual concerns.

Couples Therapy Techniques (Couples Emotionally Focused Therapy) - DifferentApproachTherapy

If you’re going to the therapist with lots of complaints and in a mind to blame your partner, just sweep away that thought. And, this is the thumb rule in EFT.

Instead, build a heart that can welcome emotions by standing in from the partner’s shoes. Of course, that would be difficult while there is turbulence within the relationship. But, if you can give it a try, you can go deeper in love.

4. Imago Relationship Therapy

Yes, you’ve read it right. It’s imago relationship therapy.

Imago is a Latin word that refers to the ‘unconscious image of familiar love’. If it’s not clear, read through this, a child unconsciously falls in love in its childhood. Unluckily, the love ends in breakup.

Couples Therapy Techniques imago Relationship Therapy) - DifferentApproachTherapy

Though the child’s love and loved one flee away, the scars obtained and the lessons learned will forever be sitting within causing damages to its matured relationships. When you expect the things you lost in childhood love from your spouse, there will be conflicts.

With the therapist’s assistance, you can get rid of all these childhood wounds and experience healing in your relationship.

5. Positive Psychology for Couples

“Ignore negativity” is such a powerful note. Though we utter this with our mouth, at times, when problems arise, we see only with negative eyes

Couples Therapy Techniques (Positive Psychology for Couples) - DifferentApproachTherapy

“I’ve done so much to him, but this is what he does back to me.”

“I left everything only for her, and now she just backstabbed me.”

Having negative thoughts like these would further enlarge the bonding between you both. Instead, just approach it with a positive attitude. Ofcourse, it’s quite hard in the beginning, but by practice, you’ll get it.

Keep moving…Don’t stop by…Don’t look back…There will be an end to all these one day…

With simple phrases like these, at times we keep ourselves motivated in relationships or people around us do that. True, right? But, do you know, there is something called ‘positive psychology’ which simply suggests something like below.

Take a pause. Just turn back and look at all the happy moments you both shared together

This is a super-cool approach for healing the wounds got due to current circumstances.

6. Narrative Couples Therapy

Narrative couples therapy has got something interesting, and that’s all about storytelling. It’s common that everybody likes to hear and share stories. In this particular technique, you both have to go back to the past and narrate your stories individually.

When you keep on narrating, you’ll know your perspectives on the problems between you and your partner. Here’s when the therapist takes the stand, he/she will help you to view a problem from a different angle.

And eventually, as a dynamic character in the story, you’ll change your perspectives and gain effective techniques to deal with problems.

Narrative Couples Therapy Exercises

  • Narrate your stories individually to the therapist
  • Externalizing the feelings of anger, hatred, bitterness, etc
  • Deconstruct the whole story into smaller portions and acquire an understanding to view problems from a different angle

Partner with a Therapist Who can Really Assist You

“Love has nothing to do with what you’re expecting to get – only with what you’re expecting to give – which is everything.” – Katharine Hepburn.

We anticipate that these above tactics would help you get rid of the recurring conflicts, intimacy-related issues, infidelity, misunderstandings, chauvinism, resentment, and all others.

For a relationship to be built strong, trust, love, affection, sacrifice, all these are like foundation stones. It’s not that once if all these are crushed, will forever be crushed. With techniques like these, you can talk mutually and bring back the bonding you’d lost.

Even after applying all these tactics, if you feel some kinda disruptions, then don’t hesitate to take up a consultation from Different Approach Therapy If you’re not able to reach us in-person, no issues, you can book an online appointment. We are also experts at psychotherapy services, telepsychiatry services, couples therapy as well as LGBT Affirming. You can approach us for any of these services.

Which couples therapy techniques you would like to apply in order to maintain a healthy bonding with your better-half? Comment them below.